Creation of Palm to Pine

Our preparation for, and execution of our first most epic cycling adventure from San Diego California to Bar Harbor Maine.

The back story is, Chris has been in the  US Navy  for six years. Having being stationed in the San Diego area for four of those years, although we have enjoyed our time, both of us having been longing to return to our roots in the North East. About a year and a half ago Shayna casually and likely somewhat jokingly suggested that instead of road tripping back to our home land in our four wheeled comfort machines, why not bike?

It was a suggestion fueled by the excitement of receiving our brand new single speed bikes ordered to replace our previously stolen bikes. Riding the same high and embracing Chris’ ever present desire for adventure, this is the evolving story of how we jumped on a beautifully innocent suggestion and began planning a trip that will undoubtedly change our lives. And if you follow the story, hopefully provide ample entertainment for all of our readers.

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