Sedona, AZ

For our first day’s drive, we made it to Williams, AZ. After 7+ hours, we were all pretty happy to see our home base for the night; The Quality Inn.

Chris has been studying Environmental Law for the last year or so, and his class is currently “in session” via the world wide web. Therefore this road trip adventure for him will consist much more of reading and paper writing. Much less fun than the exploring that Mom and I get to do, but we are trying our best to document the sights and plan at least one group experience for the day.

Our first daily adventure was Sedona. After parking our cars at the next hotel in Flagstaff, we drove down 89A twisting and turning through the red rocks providing breathtaking moments at every turn. Our first stop in Sedona was the Visitor’s Center. The sweet older gentleman, Ric,  gave us some great advice for a day trip. We started with a short hike around the airport that ended at a Vortex, and gave a phenomenal 360 degree view of Sedona.

Next up was a drive around Upper Red Rock Loop  which offered some great views of the rock formations including Bell & Cathedral Rocks.

We poked around Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts village,

and ended the day with the iconic Chapel of the Holy Cross, which literally emerges from the rock cliffs.


It was our second-ever trip to Sedona, but just as mesmerizing as the first.

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