Cross Country Recap!

As we continued caravanning across the country we ate lots of food, broke down, saw sights, and visited family & friends! We enjoyed every minute! Here’s a quick recap:


We were battling a snow storm  on the way though so it was a quick stop  in Amarillo TX for lunch at Coyote Bluff, which doesn’t look like much from the outside, but is definitely one of those hole-in-the-wall-must-trys if you’re ever passing through!


We visited Fort Smith, checked out the Clinton Presidential Library, and had lunch at a cute “old Mill”


We hit up Memphis the first night in TN for some good old Blues,

I got to see one of my good friends in Nashville, and visited my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins in Murfreesboro.



We broke down. Coincidentally on a Saturday afternoon, which meant we were having an unplanned stay in Calhoun Georgia. Having made it 2,500+ miles with no car trouble, and being closer to family than farther at that point it could have been worse. Luckily it was just a ball bearing, and the shop got us in first thing Monday morning so we were on the road by 1:00pm. While we were there we came across this interesting rock garden. Done by volunteers by hand, they use peoples to create these miniature castles, homes, and amazing architecture.

South Carolina

We met up with Chris’ dad and Aunt & Uncle and spent a few days getting our Pup Bromley  settled in his new home for the next few months.

North Carolina

I finally got to see my sister and her boyfriend in her new home in Wilmington. We did the river walk, checked out some shops, and had a wonderful dinner.


We surprised one of our buddies while he was on tour with his band Beecher’s Fault at a brewery in Danville VA. We then headed up to Alexandria to catch up with some more friends. Here’s a picture of George Washington’s ‘tenement’ house that was built in 1797!



I finally got to see a quick glimpse of Gettysburg as we stopped for lunch at the Lincoln Diner.

New York
WE MADE IT! Spent a few days unpacking and relaxing in Dansville, and ended our cross country trek in Walton where we spent some time catching up with family. Then we boarded a plane and made it back to San Diego for the epic adventure.




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