Jacumba Springs, CA – Brawley, CA

Day 5: (0 miles) REST DAY!! 🙂 we took our time getting up in the morning, eating breakfast and packing up camp. We said goodbye & safe travels to Ken, and Eidon made his way home as well. We utilized the Free wifi at the library to finish our taxes while Michele checked her email. Shayna and Michele did some yoga in the park before we checked into our room at Jacumba Hot Springs Spa. We had some lunch and ordered a drink to go to enjoy by the pool. Michele’s dad came out to visit and he shared his touring & traveling stories with us. We relaxed in the room, posted on our Blog, and got a good night’s rest for our big day ahead.

Michele tackling the Mountain
In-Ko-Pah Pass


Day 6: (45 Miles) We woke up early to attack the long day a head of us. With bellies full of granola and coffee we set out to conquer the steep grade of the I-8 through In-Ko-Pah Pass. With our destination set on El Centro, we descended over 2,000 feet (negating the previous days’ triumphs).  Pumping our beaks, and giving our hands rest as needed, we safely made it down. In Ocotillo we picked up S80 which was more of a collection of cracks and pot holes than a road. This and 95+ degree heat was our struggle for the next (almost) 30 miles. Upon reaching El Centro we did some basic food shopping at Rite Aid to get us through the next couple days and sought some refuge and an early dinner at the local Italian restaurant/pizza joint. Here we quickly learned that Michele had developed a serious case of Heat Exhaustion. While she battled dizziness, drowsiness, and vomiting, we decided to cancel our camping plans so she could recover in an air conditioned hotel room. We took advantage of the comforts and enjoyed a couple HBO movies. Unfortunately, Michele decided it was time to call for a ride back home and to end her journey with us.

Farmland on the way to Brawley

Day 7: (24 miles) We departed the Crown Motel and sadly Michele, at 7:30 am to try and avoid some of the heat. The 15 or so miles to Brawley were cool and flat. We took old highway 111 the majority of the way. The straight flat road cut through numerous vegetable farms. Our favorite was the carrot farms- or the semi-trucks routinely speeding by full of them. But to our disappointment no carrots managed to escape the confines of their truck so we could gobble them up. Once we reached Brawley we set up shop in a Von’s Starbucks and treated ourselves to a Peach Green Tea with one of our generous gift cards. We couldn’t get the wifi to work so we bought some broccoli for dinner, and some carrots since they had been taunting us all day, and made our way to subway (across the parking lot) which was able to provide just what we needed. We worked on our blog, had an “eat fresh” sub for lunch, and headed to our campsite. About 5 ½  miles and one wrong turn later, we arrived at Wiest Lake County Park where we were greeted by no human and therefore paid zero dollars for an adequate camp, beautiful sunset, and a lingering scent of cow doo-doo.

Our camping sunset at Wiest Lake County Park

4 thoughts on “Jacumba Springs, CA – Brawley, CA

  1. “Greeted by no human therefore paid zero dollars”…lol and nice luck! Beautiful shots, as always. I gotta send the one of me to my mom :). ❤


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