Flagstaff, AZ-Holbrook, AZ

Day 20: (0 miles) REST DAY! 🙂 After all the climbing we had been doing, we could feel the need for a rest day. We took care of the usual; blog post, and some errands. We shipped a few things home at the local post office, and restocked on food at the Dollar General. We went back to the room to enjoy our recently purchased hot pockets and Ravioli. We had done some research on what to check out in Flagstaff, and saw that the Monte Vista Hotel was a nice, local point of interest. It was supposedly haunted and had a good happy hour so we were down. We each sipped on a local vanilla stout and played two rounds of darts- each winning one. Opting to end on a tie, yelp became our guide to a decent, affordable dinner at “Mix”; a blend of Panera, Which Which, and your local deli. It left us satisfied. We had chicken in both garden and sandwich form. From there we headed back to the room, chauffeured by a fellow wanderer with a current infatuation with South East Asia. It was a pleasure to talk to him and he was excited to receive our contact info as we parted ways. We then settled in for the night.


Winslow, AZ ” Standing on a Corner”

Day 21: (63 miles) Snow was falling this morning as we walked to breakfast, and even though it had stopped by the time we were walking back to the room, the breeze was quite brisk. After packing and bundling up for our long decent out of Flagstaff, we hit the road around 9:00 am. Enduring a headwind, we made good time arriving in Winslow around 2:00 pm. We explored the “Standing on a Corner” in Winslow, AZ, dropped into the La Posada Hotel, built in 1930 with the architectural visions of Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, and made our way to our campsite at Homolovi Ruins State Park (which was of course a mile and a half further than our map said it would be). Before we had even set up the tent, we were invited to dinner by a super friendly couple with an Airstream Camper in the campsite across the way. We later found out their names were Jenifer and Dwight, and they had a sweet little dog named Susie. They cooked us quite the spread of quinoa, salad, chicken sausage, goat cheese, grilled carrots & acorn squash. After dinner we chatted over some chocolate and whiskey. It was obvious that they are thoughtful, artistic, and generous souls, and it was an absolute pleasure to spend the evening with them, so much that we hope to see them again when we get to Santa Fe, the city they call home.

Dwight and Jenifer, our gracious meal sharers


Day 22: (35.2 miles) We were invited to share oatmeal, eggs, and coffee with our new friends this morning. We snapped a few photos of each other, and together, then said we’d hope to catch one another when we made it to Santa Fe (they would be arriving home at the end of the day). Most of our morning was back on I-40, but the majority of our afternoon was spent exploring side roads and sections of Route 66 that were sparsely ventured by anyone else. At most we saw half a dozen cars, which was a big, welcomed, change from the constant flow of traffic on the main highway. Although our plan for the day was to pedal to the Petrified Forest to camp for the night, as we were coming into Holbrook, we spotted the top half of a number of Tee-Pees. Investigating further, we realized it was the famed Wigwam Motel, a much anticipated point of interest along our route. This quickly changed our plans and we headed towards the motel. Unfortunately, upon arriving a sign in the window informed us that they were closed until 3:00 pm. Having some time to kill, we headed down the street to Joe & Aggie’s Mexican/American Restaurant & Gift Shop. After finishing up our bean, beef, and cheese “burros” we headed back to the motel to try and get a wigwam for the night. The off season served us well and we had no problem. The motel has about 16 wigwams- concreate tee-pees- and in front of each one, old 50’s-60’s cars are parked to really get that Route 66 feel. We were assigned #14, 2/3 of the circular shaped building is the bed/tv/sitting area, and the remaining is a small bathroom, including a nook shower- all in tone with the Western Arizona style. Enjoying our unique setting and minding our budget, we fired up the camp stove to cook ourselves some rice, chicken, avocado, and tomato Chile dinner, accompanied by some casual beverages, it has been a cozy and pleasant night.



Wigwam 14

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