Groom, TX – Weatherford, OK

Day 41: (53 miles) We had oatmeal and coffee in our room and then headed out on the open road. We paralleled 40 on one side and passed ranches along the other for most of the day. Cows would initially be scared and start to run away and soon it would seem the whole heard would be running with us. It was quite an experience. Our route only had us on the interstate for five miles today, which was nice. We stopped in Mclean to mail home a few items, and happened to see a deli where we, of course, stopped for lunch. Turkey sandwiches on ciabatta with pepper-jack cheese was what we decided on and it did not disappoint. 21 miles and a few dog chases later, we arrived in Shamrock, TX.  It was hard to miss the impressive U-Drop Inn and Conoco Tower Station in the middle of town where we learned about its history, near demise, and community resurrection. Most relatable to us, the building was the inspiration for Ramone’s House of Body Art in the Disney-Pixar movie “Cars”. After parting ways with the friendly employees manning the gift shop that today occupies the building, we checked into the Shamrock Hotel, showered, and headed to Vern’s Steak House for our day-later Easter Dinner. Texas sure does know how to cook a good steak- they were suburb. Easter was well celebrated and we enjoyed our big bed for a restful evening.


Day 42: (59 miles) The Shamrock Country Inn provided a tasty breakfast of eggs, biscuits & gravy, and Texas shaped waffles. It was quite foggy when we started our trek for the day. As we pedaled through the clouds of moisture, water droplets appeared on our hairs and our helmets. The cattle seemed content and less spooked by us today. The entire morning was quiet and peaceful. As the afternoon set in, the fog slowly burned off as the day became warm and sunny. We pedaled into Sayre and our route brought us directly past the City Park. The park was impressively large with everything from ball fields, and playgrounds to RV hookups. It made for an enjoyable place for a relaxing lunch. From Sayre to Elk City we took in sights that included small but persistent downtowns as well as more pasture lands. Elk City had a Little Caesar’s, so we stopped to pick up a $5 Hot and Ready, restocked some sunscreen from the Walgreens, and picked up a salad from Subway before we settled in for a tasty and satisfying junk food dinner and restful night.




Day 43: (45 miles) A typical motel morning, we woke up and made the most of our continental breakfast. The day was overcast and once navigating the remainder of the way out of Elk City, we spent the majority of the day on familiar Frontage Road. With the continual rush of traffic on one side and the quite grazing of cattle or waving of hay fields on the other. Once reaching Clinton our first stop was Jiggs BBQ. A justifiably popular sandwich joint which boasted “30 years and still smokin’” It was the best lunch we’ve had so far. As we were leaving, the owner came out and surprised us with some of their popular homemade beef jerky. Thanking him for his generosity we headed downtown to explore, in Grandma Sue’s opinion, the best Route 66 Museum available along the route. We traveled through time with the road from its beginnings, height of popularity, and its official decommissioning in 1985- thanks to Eisenhower’s inspiration to match the magnitude of German Autobahn. She was right, as Grandmas usually are, the museum was both enjoyable and enlightening. As we were leaving one of the staff came out and inquired about our adventure. After sharing with him that we had recently decided to push on to Weatherford for the night due to some forecasted storms coming through the area over the next couple days, he offered his address (also in Weatherford) incase we were in need of a shelter. Making it safely, we checked into the Best Western, satisfied Chris’ craving for Spaghetti at the local Italian Restaurant, Luigi’s, and of course picked up a milkshake at Sonic on the way back to our room where we called our friends and then called it a night.



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