Day 110: (42 miles) We had coffee with Alex after packing up our bikes. We thanked him for his hospitality and hit the road to beat the warm temperatures. We stopped in Stockton Springs to eat our pop tarts and kept on trucking. Maine has been a challenging state. Mostly because everyday consists of the same rolling hills. If they’re not super steep, they’re long, and although they almost always offer a great cruise down, the climbing is exhausting. The shorter days we’ve been doing to stay on pace with our pick up crew has actually been really nice. The hills and heat make a 40-mile day feel like a 60. Today our destination was a most comfortable Comfort Inn in Ellsworth, thanks to Chris’s earned pointes. They had iced coffee and fresh baked cookies when we arrived. After checking in and relaxing a bit, we headed to the local brewery and pub to get a local taste of Ellsworth. We had dinner at Denny’s and reflect on our trip and the approaching end. Bittersweet. Parts of us are excited to not be on the saddle, and have some of the everyday conveniences like fresh produce and cooking meals, but so much of us is also sad to see this journey come to an end. Our life on the bikes has brought us back to the basics and simplified our needs. Its been refreshing and has caused us to explore, take in our surroundings and each other. We’ve met incredible people and enjoyed the present. We’re 22.5 miles away from the finish line, something we’ve looked foreword to for years. We will celebrate our journey and likely start planning the next one.




Day 111: (22.5 miles) The last morning of our adventure had arrived. We were able to sleep in a bit because we only had a few miles left to go and Mom and Dad were a few hours away from Ellsworth. We enjoyed one of the better continental breakfasts we’ve had on the trip and watched the news until we got the call that they were 1.5 hours away. We packed up and hopped on our bikes for the last time. The route into Bar Harbor seemed to be pretty flat and/or at a decent so we were cruising. So much so that we were going to beat the parents to the coast so we stopped at a gas station for a drink and a snack. When they were close enough, we hit the road again. We had only six miles left, but there was a decent amount of climbing in there. We passed the entrance to Acadia National Park and we soon passed a sign welcoming us to Bar Harbor. Mom and Dad weren’t far after and they snapped photos of us as we whizzed by. We rolled into town and headed for the water. We paused for a moment when we could see it, and almost smell the end. We found a boat launching where we were able to ride down and the moment we had been anticipating, for the last 3.5 months had arrived- our tires met the Atlantic waters and a rush of emotions flooded our bodies. We had accomplished our goal. 16 states, 4,000+ miles and countless memories of amazing people and places. A dream of a cross country bike rip that became a reality. It was a bittersweet moment when we loaded our bikes and gear into the car. We knew, once we climbed into the vehicle, for the first time in 3.5 months we would be heading west, home, back tracking… However, celebrations were to follow and being with family, including our fur baby was more than welcomed! And of course, there was the prize- LOBSTER.


The wonderful pick up crew! 
sunrise in Acadia National Park

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