Day 104 (0 miles) Rest Day! Since our friends were in town and the weather was calling for some nasty thunderstorms, we took the day off. After breakfast we headed to a sandy beach along a river accompanied by a waterfall. It was beautiful! We hung out there for a bit before snagging some sandwiches at the local market. Cory and Amy had to get back to Essex,NY since Amy was only in town for a two more nights before returning to California. So after saying goodbye, we both took a solid three-hour nap. Waking up to eat and go back to bed. That’s what rest days are for after all right?!

sweet snack spot!


Day 105: (48 miles) When we headed out today the weather was cooler than it had been in past mornings which was nice. We had decided not to link back up with our route in Lincoln, but instead Conway. It avoided the large climb up Mt. Kancamungus that we had been dreading, and it was 11 miles shorter- so a no brainer choice. We followed back roads the majority of the day with queen Anne’s lace covering the banks. The back roads also offered a good amount of shade which seemed to keep it cool. Minor hills rolled into one another and we were able to keep a pretty good pace. We had a sandwich in Sandwich, NH (as the board suggested) at a local café. Turkey with spinach and cranberry horseradish sauce. It was only 10:30 am, but it was good. After refueling we were back on the road and found ourselves in Conway about 26 miles later. We had made a reservation at the White Mountain Hostel. When were arrived we realized check in wasn’t until 4:00 pm, we had 2 hours to kill so we went to the local brewery called Tuckerman Brewing Co. Here, we learned that New Hampshire state law requires you to serve food if you serve pints of beer. They did not serve food; thus tastings were ordered. We tried all eight of their brews on tap. At this point it was almost check in time so we headed to the hostel, unloaded our bags, showered, and headed back out to Noche Cafe for some Mexican food for dinner which was followed by ice cream of course. We made our way back to the hostel which was very quiet for a place that could hold 48. There may have been two other people there in addition to us. We tucked in bed, watched a movie, and hit the hay because tomorrow was going to be a very early start.



Day 106: (62.5 miles) It was quite obvious that we were the only occupants in the hostel awake when our alarm sounded at 5:30. So, we quietly packed up our things, made some oatmeal and hot cocoa in the microwave and hit the road. We didn’t have to pedal far outside of Conway before we hit the Maine border in Fryeburg and most of the last couple miles were spent on a beautiful bike path. Since we didn’t pass a “Welcome to New Hampshire” sign as we entered from the East, we cheated and took a picture in front of both the New Hampshire and Maine welcome signs on the Western side of the state. There was a Dunkin Donuts within sight of the border so we decided to celebrate reaching our final state by using up the last of our gift card on an iced coffee and a coffee cake muffin. Venturing into Maine we continued to be surrounded by hardwoods and we quickly began noticing lakes popping up here and there. As we rode into Bridgton we decided to stop at one of those lakes, Highland Lake, to munch on some lunch at one of their picnic tables. School is definitely out for the summer in Bridgton because the nearby beach and swimming area was full with kids and families enjoying the warm and beautiful day. Departing town, we skirted the length of Long Lake until we reached Naples where we made a pit stop and enjoyed a cold Vitamin Water to break the heat a bit. However, we were excited to make it to our friend’s house in Poland for the night, so once our drink was dry we quickly hit the road for our final 20ish miles. Most of todays ride was filled with rolling hills and beautiful views of lakes and mountains, but as we reached the outskirts of Poland we hit a couple of super steep hills that provided a little late day challenge. It was worth the effort once we made it to Nikki and Nate’s place though. Nikki had subs for us and a fridge full of local beer. Nate had spent a couple hours last night making homemade marinara sauce which he used to artfully prepare a delicious chicken parmesan dinner. We toured their gorgeous home, hung with their sweet pup, had a fire, and caught up. It was a great evening the most enjoyable part, of course, was the company.



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