Day 110: (42 miles) We had coffee with Alex after packing up our bikes. We thanked him for his hospitality and hit the road to beat the warm temperatures. We stopped in Stockton Springs to eat our pop tarts and kept on trucking. Maine has been a challenging state. Mostly because everyday consists of the … Continue reading BELFAST, ME – BAR HARBOR, ME


Day 107: (50 miles) It was a later night than usual so we slept in until 6:30 this morning. Nikki and Nate weren’t stirring yet so we quietly began getting ourselves around. As we were beginning to load up the bikes Nikki emerged and put out some coffee, cliff bars, and bananas for us. We … Continue reading POLAND, ME – BELFAST, ME


Day 104 (0 miles) Rest Day! Since our friends were in town and the weather was calling for some nasty thunderstorms, we took the day off. After breakfast we headed to a sandy beach along a river accompanied by a waterfall. It was beautiful! We hung out there for a bit before snagging some sandwiches … Continue reading PLYMOUTH, NH – POLAND, ME

Newcomb, NY – Plymouth, NH

Day 100: (48 miles) Camp was much cooler this morning than we had anticipated. We had just commented that we should send our ‘cold clothes’ home since it had been so warm. Thankfully we hadn’t because they all came out this morning and we were layered up. Today would be our last day in Adirondack … Continue reading Newcomb, NY – Plymouth, NH

Pulaski, NY – Newcomb, NY

Day 97: (54 miles) We hit the road at 7:00. Kit and Lou headed to work just as early. They had given us a few places to try for breakfast and we went with the greasy spoon diner option, cause you just can’t beat ‘em. Home Town Diner was right down town. They served us … Continue reading Pulaski, NY – Newcomb, NY

Dansville, NY – Pulaski, NY

Day 94: (50 miles) Our rubber met the road again this morning. The first time in nine days. We couldn’t believe it had been that long, but as the saying ‘just like riding a bike’ implies, we got back on and in no time felt right at home again. We had a pretty big climb … Continue reading Dansville, NY – Pulaski, NY

McKean, PA – Dansville, NY

Day 83: (67 miles) We got to enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant before heading out this morning. Within a few miles we were back on route and passing through Erie PA. While Erie is a sizeable town, primarily what we saw was its coastline because our route put us on an awesome … Continue reading McKean, PA – Dansville, NY

Wooster, OH – McKean, PA

Day 80: (60 miles) We thought it would be a tight squeeze in the breakfast area this morning knowing the motel was at full capacity. We were pleasantly surprised we had the place to ourselves. We packed up and hit the road following our trusty Bike GPS App. We explored low traffic side roads in … Continue reading Wooster, OH – McKean, PA

Xenia, OH – Wooster, OH

Day 77: (83 miles) Since we secured a Warmshowers host the night before, our destination was Delaware, OH. Originally we thought it was going to be a 60-mile day, then we realized it was closer to 75, and ultimately it ended up being over 80. The first half of the day was spent on another … Continue reading Xenia, OH – Wooster, OH

Carrollton, KY – Xenia, OH

Day 71: (67 miles) We’d been hawking the weather the last few days as storms were supposed to be coming. We had a decision to make: detour from the route and head straight to Cincinnati, which would put us there today- guaranteeing we would be there for our friend Mike’s BBQ on Saturday, or continue … Continue reading Carrollton, KY – Xenia, OH